New York Performer + Producer + Arranger + Composer

Maxim performs with Antony & the Johnsons

Maxim is a multi-faceted musician working in New York City. His primary instrument is the violin, but he can also be heard playing viola, mandolin, guitar and keyboard instruments.

Coming from a strong conservatory background, Maxim frequently performs in New York’s leading concert halls playing in symphony, opera and oratorio orchestras as well as in numerous chamber ensembles.

Maxim is a veteran of over thirty-five Broadway productions and is a fixture of New York’s studio scene. A partial list of recording projects he has been involved in can be found here.

Maxim has also been deeply involved in the non-classical scene, playing his violin through complex effects chains and incorporating various styles of improvisation. He was a founding member of the seminal electro-acoustic ensemble Slow Six and has had the pleasure of being involved with Redhooker for the past seven years.

Maxim is especially proud of his involvement in the pop world. He has been the violinist and music director for the Mercury Prize winning Antony and the Johnsons, with whom he has performed to sold out houses on five continents. Maxim has also been involved with the dreamy Williamsburg outfit Edison Woods and has lent his stylings to Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Paul McCartney, Belle and Sebastian, Mary J Blige and Jay-Z among countless others.